MAR30913 - Certificate III in Maritime Operations (Master up to 24 metres Near Coastal)

Training Package for MAR30913 Certificate II in Maritime Operations (Master up to 24 Metres Near Coastal) - Release 2

The Master <24 metres course (Previously known as Master 5) runs for 4 weeks full time, and includes Nautical Knowledge, Ship Navigation and Coastal Navigation. Additional time for assessments depends on candidate’s learning progress. Course content and training comply with MAR training packages. Students may need additional time to complete the Shipboard Safety Skill Set, Radar and Marine Radio courses, if you do not already hold these certificates.

A prerequisite of your final assessment is an AMSA approved First Aid Certificate.

Shipboard Safety Skill Set includes

  • Survive at sea
  • Fire Fighting


Sea Service Assessment

Sea service will be assessed using the National Standard for Commercial Vessels Part D, Crew Competencies.  A copy of this document is available on AMSA's website 

You must then apply to the NT Marine Safety Branch in Darwin who will assess your sea time.

This qualification requires a successful outcome of 14 units of competency.  The AMSA Guidance Notice is attached to the Master up to 24m Course Flyer.

Final Assessment

After successful completion of the course at SMIT, and the issue of a Certificate of Attainment, students are required to undertake an oral assessment conducted by Marine Safety Branch NT, (AMSA) a National Regulator approved Assessor.

Course textbooks and charts included in the course

  • Ship Knowledge
  • Nautical Knowledge
  • Navigation
  • 1 x Chart #252
  • 1 x Chart symbol book #5011


What you will need to bring

  •  1 x pair drawing compasses 130mm or larger
  •  Blue, black, red, green pens
  •  1 x pair dividers 130mm or larger
  •  Parallel rule, 350mm or larger
  •  1 x calculator (non programmable)
  •  1 x A4 Ring Binder with plastic pockets



  • The cost of the course (23 days) is $2712
  • The marine radio course is $350 (1-2 days)
  • Survive at Sea is $550 (2 days)


 Course dates for 2018:

  • 05 March - 06 April
  • 14 May - 14 June
  • 13 August - 12 September
  • 29 October - 28 November